Aretha & Associates, LLC is located in the McPherson Mansion, at 915 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 105, Howell, Michigan. It is owned by Lawrence Aretha and Kristine Aretha (father and daughter) and together they offer over 50 years of cumulative experience in the insurance industry. Both are independent insurance agents with life/health licenses. The company's primary focus is to offer safe money solutions-guarantee products (fixed annuities). They also offer life insurance, disability and long term care insurance.

Aretha & Associates, LLC serves its clients throughout Michigan particularly those living in the counties of Livingston and Genesee, as well as those in Southeastern and Mid-Michigan. Offering guaranteed sustainable income for life.

In these turbulent financial times, with stock market instability, mass layoffs and government bailouts it is imperative to have products that can provide stability and guarantees. Fixed annuities do just that. Without proper planning much, if not all, of your assets can be lost to Uncle Sam. Aretha & Associates, LLC believes that no one should face such excessive and immediate taxation. The tax code provides each American with the opportunity to avoid government confiscation of their retirement dollars, yet few are aware of the possibilities.

Safety, guarantees and peace of mind are available as you plan for and enter retirement. Contact us today to discuss the opportunities.

Hours of operation: 9 am to 5 pm
Phone:  517-548-1538
E-mail: Info@thepensionfairy.com